AgoBrowse: Picture books.

The pictures

Animals: Dinosaurs. Animals.

Aircraft related: Old aircraft. Aircraft carriers. Strange aircraft. Small aircraft. Big aircraft. Aircraft from World War I. Aircraft from World War II.

Miscellaneous: The solar system. Human history. History of cars. Birds of Norway.

Stuff for toddlers: Household objects. Animals. Seasons. Icons. Counting.


If you are not afraid of hierarchical ordering and corresponding more complex navigation,
you may try all chapters mentioned above in one go.

When viewing pictures, press SPACE in order to view instructions.

Create your own books

You are also welcome to create you own books here.

At the time of writing (April 2021), there really is no specific editing functionality tailored against picture books.
This means that some skills with the keyboard and abstract thinking is necessary.
The editing process consists of directly issuing so called API calls from your browser, of which there are four, Add, RQ (REST Query), Edit and Compile.
They all operate against the hierarchy of your book which is like /{yourUserId}/{bookName}/{chapter}/{subChapter}

Step 1, Create your own user-id by
Add/dt/{yourUserId}, Example

Step 2, your own book (or really chapter) by

Step 3, Add your title picture like
Add/dt/{yourUserId}/{bookName}/URL =
(you may actually leave out step 1 and 2 above, and go straight to step 3.)
Add more pictures like
Add/dt/{yourUserId}/{bookName}/{someKey}/URL =
Add/dt/{yourUserId}/{bookName}/{someOtherKey}/URL =

in order to view your book, and
in order to edit it.
You may also edit single pictures like
You can view the keys / datastructure for all your books by
RQ/dt/{yourUserId} Example

Click the 'Edit' link from some of the books above in order to learn syntax.

Tip: You may use your own favourite text-editor in order to construct the 'property stream' and paste it back into the Edit dialog when complete.

Recognized keys are 'URL' (necessary), 'Title' and 'License'.
TIP: Wikipedia is a good source for licensed material. SHIFT-click or CTRL-click on a picture in order to get all details.
Use key 'Invalid' (without any '= {value}') in order to delete pictures.
Example: Add/dt/{yourUserId}/{bookName}/{someKey}/Invalid

Sorry for it being a bit cumbersome to start with. Maybe I will make it more user friendly in the future. On the other hand, once you get used to it, it actually works quite fast.

You can edit at any level in the hierarchy.
All the following API calls are equivalent:
Add/John/Tigers/URL =
Edit/John and writing 'Tigers/URL ='
Edit/John/Tigers and writing 'URL ='
Edit/John/Tigers/URL and writing ' ='

Miscellaneous links

AgoRapide (ARCore) documentation

Internal application state

About AgoBrowse

Note: Source code at Bitbucket. See also comments on Hacker News.

Note: AgoBrowse has been written for my two smallest kids. There is an emphasis on seeing high-resolution pictures in full screen, without any distractions. With a little kid on my lap it is just too difficult concentrating on pictures through a standard web search. The pictures would be low resolution or cumbersome to show in full screen. And the kid quickly gets confused by all the other distracting elements on a web page.

In AgoBrowse the only allowed user interaction is click or flick left / right. I prefer the keyboard for navigating myself, but have also added support for mouse, and for flicking on a "smart"-phone.

I have been longing for such an application for many years, and finally, thanks to Covid-19 (!), I found the time for this.

In addition to satisfying my own itch, AgoBrowse is also a demonstration of AgoRapide, my open source library for building data-oriented backend applications using .NET Standard 2.1.

The corresponding HTML page (with Javascript and CSS) is quite minimal, consisting of only around 300 lines of code (apart from the picture URLs of course). There is no use of any library of any kind. It is therefore lightning fast and very suitable for low-performance devices. Note that you can even save the generated HTML page locally / add it to our home screen. As long as the pictures are cached you can even browse locally without an Internet connection.

Author: Bjørn Erling Fløtten, Trondheim, Norway.

Other recommended websites

Lightweight fast loading web sites offering development guidance, in increasing order of complexity:
Original Perfect Best Also best... you get the picture :)


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